PETDER’s Mission

PETDER advocates pro-actively for improvement in all aspects of the petroleum industry and carries out research and development activities to produce relevant, reliable and objective information which can be shared for formation of industry policies and strengthens its advocacy role.

PETDER’s Main Activity Areas

In cooperation with its members and related stakeholders and complying with the Competition Law, PETDER’s main activity areas are;
· To play active role in the development of sector policies,
· To support the further development of competition,
· To perform research and development works for the solution of market inefficiencies, especially for fighting against illegal/non-registered fuel,
· To be a leader about the highest HSSE standards,
· To conduct communication activities for reliable and objective information for the sector and public at large,
· To represent the sector in all areas in effective and efficient way,
To implement research and development studies with international and national expert organizations for the enhancement of knowledge and higher quality products and process.

Quality and HSE Policy

PETDER basic objective is to continuously improve with its members, employees and partners the sensibility on “quality, health, safety and security” subjects in all activity stages and to ensure the conformity of the activities with legal legislations.

In order to achieve this goal, PETDER always underlines the following principles:
– To act in accordance to legal legislations in all activities,
– Not to harm people and businesses receiving services,
– Not to have accidents,
– To prevent the pollution,
– Minimize the environmental effects of the waste motor oils,
– Inform the community.

As PETDER, we are committed to
· Correctly analyze costumer expectations and need in order to succeed; manage all our process’ from the beginning to the end in efficient, economic and appropriate way; ensure customer satisfaction based on quality and reliability;
· To include the quality, environment, work health and safety dimensions when planning and managing our activities and consider the health, safety and security of our workers and collaborators,
· To ensure continuous development by forming our process’ in a measurable, improvable and controllable ways and by revising our performance; to minimize this way the service and process unconformities, accidents and environmental damages.

2016 Legislation Booklet released (In Turkish)
Any laws, regulations, announcements, notifications and decisions regarding the sector are all covered in the updated Legislation Booket issued by PETDER. You may access the Legislation Booklet via our website and also our smart-phone application.