PETDER Mobile App at Your Service

PETDER smart phone application developed by PETDER (Petroleum Industry Association) to facilitate waste motor oil notifications has taken its place in App Store and Google Play Store.

With this app, it is aimed to facilitate the bilateral communication between waste motor oil manufacturers and PETDER.

The users of this mobile app can :

  • Send notifications on “Waste Oil Notification” page,
  • Immediately call PETDER by clicking on the phone number 44 44 924,
  • Display the licence and licence plate numbers of the vehicles in their city with waste motor oil collection licence,
  • Immediately be informed about the announcements by PETDER.

With an update, PETDER 2016 Legislation Booklet has been added to the application in a user-friendly format.

2016 Legislation Booklet released (In Turkish)
Any laws, regulations, announcements, notifications and decisions regarding the sector are all covered in the updated Legislation Booket issued by PETDER. You may access the Legislation Booklet via our website and also our smart-phone application.