The Public Service Announcement Regarding The Dangers of Using Number 10 Oil As Fuel Oil Has Been Aired

In 2015, a public service announcement regarding “Damages of Use of Number 10 Oil as Fuel” was prepared with the cooperation of PETDER and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to increase awareness in the public, was approved by Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) and broadcasted on TV channels.

This public service announcement is expected to increase public awareness and to contribute to the efforts for ending the use of Number 10 Oil and eliminating its damages to the national economy, goods and more importantly to the human health.

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2016 Legislation Booklet released (In Turkish)
Any laws, regulations, announcements, notifications and decisions regarding the sector are all covered in the updated Legislation Booket issued by PETDER. You may access the Legislation Booklet via our website and also our smart-phone application.