Waste Motor Oil Management Project 2015 Activity Report Issued

2015 Activity Report regarding the Waste Motor Oil Management Project carried out by PETDER since 2004 in scope of the Regulations for Waste Oil Control has been issued.

According to the data provided in the Report, in total 177.904 tons of waste motor oil has been collected with 140.546 expeditions by PETDER in last 11 years, from 14.429 different waste motor oil manufacturers in 81 provinces.

With 14.516 expeditions in 2015, the total amount was 17.801 tons. 1.725 full oil tankers of waste motor oil were delivered to the licensed organizations.

The number of waste manufacturers traced in scope of the project was 4.476 in 2015 while the source used in the project since the beginning reached to 40,2 million TL.

2016 Legislation Booklet released (In Turkish)
Any laws, regulations, announcements, notifications and decisions regarding the sector are all covered in the updated Legislation Booket issued by PETDER. You may access the Legislation Booklet via our website and also our smart-phone application.